Will Trent Season 1 Full HD Free Download 720p
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Will Trent Season 1 Full HD Free Download 720p

Will Trent Season 1 Full HD Free Download 720pWill Trent Season 1 Full HD Free Download 720p. Download Will Trent Season 1 Full HD Free with High Speed Downloading. SD Movies Point.

Season Overview

Will Trent Season 1 Full HD Free Download 720p Special Agent Will Trent of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) relies on his keen instincts and unique experience to uncover the truth when a murder investigation reveals there’s more to the story than meets the eye. As the GBI continues its investigation on a missing girl, Will becomes frustrated with the suspect search; Angie is forced to evaluate her current relationships as she follows a new case with Ormewood. Will and Faith’s investigation into a small-town murder has large implications when a connection is drawn to a cold case; the death of a security guard perplexes Angie. Will and the GBI investigate a call from the state park police alongside the APD; Will makes strides in his partnership with Faith after the two share some personal secrets While in the act of robbing a washed up football star, the robber fatally shoots the football players innocent girlfriend. A shady real estate agent is shot and killed in a vacant house. Both crimes need solving by Will Trent. A double murder leads the unit on a chase to investigate a software firm’s activity behind closed doors. Angie does her best to ensure a key witness testifies in her case. A missing shipment of weapons leads to extremists; Betty finds something Angie didn’t want Will to discover. Will finds out there’s more to a case that touches close to home than initially appears. Similarly, Angie and Ormewood discover several further tricks under a dead magician’s sleeve throughout their investigation. A convicted criminal is accused of murder, Will and Ormewood discover some evidence that could prove their innocence. Angie struggles with sobriety when she finds out her former abuser is free. A trailer park massacre leaves a young boy without his family; and Will, strongly opposed to leaving him, becomes his temporary guardian. Meanwhile, Faith receives a visit from her mother, and Angie spirals from incidents of her past. Will goes undercover to to identify a notorious drug lord. Angie encounters a monster from her past. Will and his partner Faith are tasked with investigating several cases involving serial killers. When an APD agent goes missing, Will examines the crime scene and locates a secret message putting him back on the path to justice.

Will Trent Season 1 Full HD Free Download 720p
Full Season 1
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Will Trent Season 1 All Episodes

Will Trent | January 3, 2023 (United States) Summary: Special Agent Will Trent was abandoned at birth and endured a harsh coming-of-age in Atlanta's overwhelmed foster care system. Determined to make sure no one feels as he did, he now has the ... Read all
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English

Will Trent Season 1 Full HD Free Download 720p


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