Tatlubaaz Season 1 Full HD Free Download 720p
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Tatlubaaz Season 1 Full HD Free Download 720p

Tatlubaaz Season 1 Full HD Free Download 720pTatlubaaz Season 1 Full HD Free Download 720p. Download Tatlubaaz Season 1 Full HD Free with High Speed Downloading. SD Movies Point.

Season Overview

Tatlubaaz Season 1 Full HD Free Download 720p A conman named Bulbul arrives in Varanasi to scam influential local Ram Tripathi. Bulbul meets a woman, Isabelle, and spends the night with her, later learning she is married to his mark and runs Tripathi’s businesses. Bulbul bags a job at Tripathi’s call centre, he spots Divya who works in Tripathi jewellery store . He instantly falls in love with Disha. Tripathi gets shot at but Bulbul saves his life. Dilbag, a dreaded cop is suspicious of Bulbul. Bulbul and Disha start to like each other. Ram Tripathi and Isabelle’s strained relationship comes to forefront. Bulbul spots Disha with a boy who turns out to be her brother Sunny. Disha and Sunny steal from the jewellery store. Disha steals the vault key from the store manager. Bulbul, Disha and Sunny execute the heist. It is for their surprise the amount of money in the vault is much more than expected.Dilbag arrives at the store and initiates investigation. Bulbul makes Isabelle believe that he has killed her husband Ram but will not handover his body. Bulbul and Disha make a swift exit to evade the consequences . As they drive away, Bulbul shares his vision for turning 100 cr to 400 cr. Bulbul and Disha continue to execute their plan of conning Digvijay Singh, a corrupt politician. Isabelle enters the picture and claims that she is also a part of Bulbul’s plan to open a Casino. Bulbul is enthralled by Isabelle’s entry. Bulbul, Disha and Isabelle take the money . Bulbul refuses to handover Ram Tripathi’s dead body to Isabelle. Bulbul realises that they are being followed by the police but to his surprise the women ask him to surrender to Dilbag Singh.

Tatlubaaz Season 1 Full HD Free Download 720p
Full Season 1
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Tatlubaaz | November 25, 2023 (India) Summary: Bulbul, a notorious con-man, wants to live a rich and luxurious life; finds himself in the middle of Tatlubaazi(phishing) in Banaras. Disha and Isabelle traps Bulbul in a series of mishaps f... Read all
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Hindi

Tatlubaaz Season 1 Full HD Free Download 720p


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